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Fall Bucket List Mania

It’s, officially, Autumn!  …and that means it is time to create your fall bucket list with your family!

If you’re just starting out making a bucket list, start with our ULTIMATE list for family involvement!

So! What’s on your list?!  What are your absolute must-do activities during this time of year?

Our list has changed with time, but mainly because we are Floridian transplants now!  My husband and I both grew up in the North – and Autumn was a very different time of year.  Now, we look forward to less humidity and a little less steam in the weather, but our days of raking leaves and visiting cider mills are behind us.  (Read:  I am very jealous of you “Northern folk”.)

Anyways, what are you looking forward to doing with your family over the next few months!?  What is on your fall bucket list?

Fall Bucket List Ideas

Fall Bucket List Adventures

Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkins are a must-have item for all! Not only can you carve them for a Halloween vibe, but you can use them as a simple decoration for your home! And, hello!, you can snag some quintessential Insta-worthy pics while bopping around the pumpkin patch!


Go to a Football Game. Football just screams “Fall”, doesn’t it? Head to your local high school (or college!) for a hometown game to kick things off.

Shop at a Farmer’s Market. The BEST time to grab local produce is in the Fall (mainly because it’s not BLAZING hot outside)! So, grab your reusable bags and head to the Farmer’s Market!

Go to a Corn Maze. Best of luck, friends! Some corn mazes can be super challenging. Make sure to double check the difficulty level before venturing in!

Farmer's Market

Visit a Haunted House. If you’re the daring type, a haunted house is a mandatory stop for your Fall bucket list! Head on over to the spookiest option in town!

Attend a Fall Festival. Autumn seems to be the perfect time for communities to host their festivals. So, get out there and enjoy! You might even be able to snag some early holiday gifts, if you’re lucky!

At-Home Autumn Activities

Decorate the House. This is my favorite way to welcome any new season! Dress up the most-used spaces in your home for an instant change of scenery.

Make Apple Treats. Apple pie? Apple muffins? Apple strudel? Doesn’t matter – your family definitely wants some of whatever you’re baking!

Apple Pie

Read Fall Books. Books are the best way to spend time – and our Fall booklist includes bunches of Autumn must-reads for families!

Drink Apple Cider. Yum! Do you have a local cider mill? If so, definitely get over there first! If not, most national grocery store chains carry Apple Cider during the Autumn months. I highly recommend enjoying a heated version of this delicious treat!

Eat a Caramel or Candy Apple. Our local candy company sells these delectable sweets, or you can certainly dip apple slices in some caramel on the side. Whatever floats your boat! Just make sure to try this yummy concoction before Fall is up!

Candy Apples

Make Apple Stamps. An easy-to-do craft for littles. Just cut the apples in half and use some washable paint for this simple at-home activity. I recommend Premeditated Leftovers’ Apple Stamp Post for the details!

Do Fall Crafts. Yes, please! Craft time is so fun and relaxing. You can find bunches and bunches of Autumn crafts to complete on our Pinterest board and use as fun decorations around your home.

Wear Your Favorite Sweatshirt. A million times YES – embrace that sweatshirt weather, if you can! I hope you have bunches of delicious options on standby for the changing temperature. How cute and cozy is this one!?

Sweatshirt Available on Amazon

Toast Pumpkin Seeds. What better time to make a pumpkin snack than when you’re already scooping out pumpkin innards!? Toast up those seeds for a yummy treat!

Outdoor Fall Bucket List Options

Jump in a Pile of Leaves. The best sound to hear during the Fall is the crunch of leaves underneath your feet. Rake up all those fallen soldiers, and jump on in!

Pick Apples. If you’re lucky enough to have an apple orchard nearby, then take advantage! Pack up the kids and fill those bags with crunchy apples for a variety of tasty treats.

Apple Picking

Go On a Hayride. Enjoy the outside scene as you bumble on a neighborhood hayride. This is a great time to spot scarecrows and other seasonal decor.

Collect Pinecones. Such a fun activity for those kids in the North! Let your little ones collect pinecones while they’re outside – and you can use them for a variety of crafts, or even a beautiful centerpiece.

Have a Bonfire. How FALL can you get!? The smell of a bonfire is the ultimate sign that Autumn has arrived. Just remember those S’mores’ ingredients and you are all set!

Bonfire and s'mores

Take a Nature Walk. Get out there and see what life has to offer, friends! My kids love to take notebooks with us to write down their observations.

Halloween Specific Bucket List Items

Snuggle Up with Halloween Stories. Do you have a special collection of Halloween books? We do! The kids love to pick out their favorites to read as a family.

Play Halloween-Themed Games. There are so many fun and easy Halloween games out there! Like this BINGO or this Witch Hat Ring Toss. You could even get creative and make your own!

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Carve Pumpkins. Time to design some wicked faces or scenes on those pumpkins! This is an awesome family event from scooping out the “guts” to creating the ultimate jack-o-lantern tableau.

Find Magical Decorations for the Season. Did somebody say, “Mickey Mouse”? Because all of these spooky decor pieces include our favorite magical place – Disney! …and they are all available on Amazon!

Choose (or Make!) Your Halloween Costumes. My kids love shopping for their Halloween costumes each year! We make a whole day out of it and head to a few stores to find the perfect options.

Halloween Costumes

Throw a Halloween Party. What better way to gather your family and friends than for a spooktacular event!? Ask everyone to bring a themed treat and half the work is already complete!

Watch Halloween Movies. Have a family favorite? Snuggle up with the whole crew to celebrate the season!

Go Trick-or-Treating. Uhm, absolutely. “Free” candy? I think so! We take full advantage of this fun, Fall activity and try to attend several trick-or-treat events before the big day! (Want to shop for your candy online?! This is for you!)

More Fall Bucket List Ideas:  For Warmer Climates

Most of the indoor activities listed above are still a great fit – no matter where you live!  …but when you don’t have a real change in the weather, you sometimes have to “make Fall” happen!

Burn Fall-Scented Candles. This is such a MUST in my house. I love shopping for candles and stashing them away for the entire Fall season. (Oh, and I absolutely switch them out for Christmas time….and then New Year….and Spring…and Summer….#IMayHaveaProblem)

Pumpkin Spice Candle

Start Exercising Outside Again. Where we live, the weather is just starting to ease up a bit, so Fall is the best time to get back outside and step up your exercise! You can run or bike in a (relatively) comfortable fashion now that the humidity and heat aren’t so crushing.

Find Warm Weather Costumes. When shopping for Halloween in Florida, you have to consider the weather. Our little ones don’t do too well in those furry, adorable, one-piece options. So, we have to consider that Halloween will probably be toasty – and these costumes need some breathing room.

Plan for Hurricanes. In Florida, June through November is consider “hurricane season”. So, we have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. In our case, that means we need to be prepped for an impromptu “Hurrication”!

Visit the Beach. I mean, why not? When the rest of the country is preparing for cold weather to hit, we might as well live it up!

Fall at the Beach

Take a Cruise. Yes, I highly recommend cruising in the “cooler” months. You can still relax and enjoy some delicious weather without having to run from A/C to A/C! And don’t forget our Cruise Packing List for Families!

Enjoy the “Cooler” Weather. That’s right, kids. We are finally STARTING to see a change in weather. It’s not drastic (yet), but boy, are we enjoying it!

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Fall Bucket List Mania

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