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Flying Panda: Port Saint Lucie’s Trampoline Park

Friends with kids in Port Saint Lucie, you have got to get to Flying Panda – and soon!  This trampoline park has it all.  Your kids will get their energy out and you will win #momoftheDAY for taking them to such a fun place!

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My youngest loves nothing more than heading to Flying Panda for a jumping sesh, because he can always make a new friend while he’s there.  Trampolines, toddlers – what’s not to love!?

…and if you’ve been working hard on avoiding the summer slide, then a trip to Flying Panda is just what the doctor ordered!


Before you head to Flying Panda, you might want to stop by the website to double check any updated rules/regulations.  (This would also be a good time to see if they have any listed promos or calendars posted!) 

They offer seasonal discounts and some really fun late-night events, if you’re looking for something fun to do with an older audience!

For most of us, the BIGGEST DETAIL to know is price –

As of July 20th, 2019:

  • For 1 hour of jump time, the cost is $14.95
  • For 1.5 hours of jump time, the cost is $22.43
  • For 2 hours of jump time, the cost is $29.91

(I used an 11:00a start time on a Sunday for reference. The cost changes based on peak vs. non-peak crowds. DEFINITELY check out promo pricing. There are major deals to be had if you plan to jump more than one day!)

The website has a digital waiver available, should you want to take care of the details before arriving.  If you’d like to take your time reading through the fine print, I definitely recommend doing this step at home.

Otherwise, just get your booties right to Flying Panda!

When you arrive, head to the computer screens on your left, where you can sign the waiver for each jumper and each observer!  (EVERYONE needs a waiver – even itty bitty babies who will remain in their stroller.)

Once your waivers are signed, go ahead and get in line to be checked in.

The only thing you’ll need to know is how much jump time you’re up for.  Think the kids want one hour?  That’s the bare minimum commitment for the day, but you can also do 90 minutes or 2 hours – or even a full month pass (see details on the Flight Club below).

Don’t forget, Moms, you can jump, too – and Flying Panda is a GREAT place to sneak in some exercise

Every jumper will need a pair of Jump Socks for traction on the trampolines.  These are $3.00, but are reusable each time you return to Flying Panda.  (…and the patterns are super fun, too!)

Flying Panda Socks for Sale; Traction for Trampolines
Socks for Sale

After you have your jump time and socks purchased, you’ll receive your wristbands for the day – and you’re READY to go!  Tuck your shoes into a free locker over on the right side of the lobby.  (Feel free to use one with an actual locking mechanism, if you have valuable items!  Normally, my littles just shove their stinky shoes into one without a lock – but, to each their own!)

Then, head to the ramp to get your instructions for jumping safely!  MAINLY: No running, 1 person per trampoline, no diving headfirst – you get it.


Flying Panda has dozens of smaller sections FILLED with entertainment – all part of the larger trampoline park. 

Now, by definition alone, this place is chock FULL of trampolines.  No matter where you look, there are trampolines everywhere – and that is so much fun. 

Trampolines at Flying Panda
Jump, jump, JUMP!

…but there’s also a dodgeball court, where kids (and adults!) can playfully toss dodgeballs at one another WHILE jumping from trampoline-to-trampoline.

And!  There are basketball hoops to practice your best 3-pointer.

Or – a zipline, where you can swing yourself past mounds of foam blocks.

A zip line at Flying Panda Port Saint Lucie.
Ready to ZIP!

In my family, my son loves the slide that tosses him out right into a giant foam pit.  Right nextdoor to it is a giant air pillow for the big kids to booty-bounce (or belly-flop?) onto from the second story!

The slide at Flying Panda PSL
Slidin’ on down to the foam PIT!

My daughter, however, is a big fan of the silks that hang down from the ceiling.  Some of them have knots tied through the fabric, so she can swing like an aerial acrobat high through the air.

The silks area of Flying Panda PSL
Silks ready for flying!

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting draw of Flying Panda is the Ninja Warrior-Style Obstacle Course near the front of the building.  This structure is absolutely EPIC and a challenge for even the most elite of athletes.  Individuals have to use rings, nets, ropes, and more to cross the dreaded pit of FOAM.  Great fun for all ages!  (Of course, the tiniest jumpers might use the obstacle course in a different way…)

The Obstacle Course ready for kids of all sizes at Flying Panda
The Obstacle Course is ready for warriors of all ages!

Honestly, Flying Panda PSL has it all.  There are TONS of options for all of your kids’ varying interests – and enough to entertain them for hours on end!



One of my absolute favorite things that Flying Panda offers is the KidJump available from 9:00a – 10:00a most mornings.  This special hour is meant for kids ages 6 and under.  The staff plays fun, kid-friendly music, and you’ll find there are less people in attendance, which makes the whole experience a bit less overwhelming for the younger jumpers.  It makes a great starting session for the tiny set.

Also, kids under the age of 2 are FREE with a paid admission – AND a parent can jump for FREE during this KidJump time! 

SO, let’s say you have a 5-year-old AND a 1-year-old child.  You can pay for 1 hour of jumping time for your older kid – and, then, both YOU and your baby get to join the jumping FOR FREE

(Pro Tip:  Older siblings are also invited to KidJump, so long as one of the kids is 6 and under!  Just know ahead of time the music and the crowd is definitely geared toward littles!)

Birthday Parties

The current birthday party details are fantastic – and a WAY better deal than we paid in January 2019, just sayin’:

The EPIC birthday party details at Flying Panda
Talk about an EPIC party!

This is their EPIC party, but you have other options, too!  A LEGENDARY party will tack on $10 per attendee, but will also give you an extra 30 minutes of jump time – AND some stickers and water bottles for your guests! 

You’ll definitely want to check out all the details to decide on the best party plan for your little panda.  (Ha.)

Flight Club

ALSO, if your family becomes obsessed with jumping, you have to check out The Flight Club!  This is a savings option that lets jumpers enjoy Flying Panda all the time!  For only $20 a month, kids can sign up to jump for 1.5 hours a day

This is an AWESOME deal – particularly if your kids need to get some wiggles out after school, or if they’re young enough to be home with you during the day!

There are lots of options, depending on the needs of your family.

Membership Details for the Flight Club at Flying Panda Port Saint Lucie
Fight Club Membership Details

The Flight Club is the best deal for kids (or parents!) who love jumping – no doubt about it!

Updated July 25th, 2019:

  • $20.00/month for 2 hours of jump time each day
  • $25.00/month for Unlimited jump time Weekdays/2 hours on Weekends

With all of that said, Flying Panda is a GREAT addition to the entertainment industry in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  We are so grateful that it’s part of our community, because WE LOVE TO JUMP! 

There is nothing better than our Flying Panda Fridays during the summer, and we always try to stop by AT LEAST once-a-month during the school year, too!

If you’re not local to us and/or don’t have a trampoline park nearby, you can always snag this little cutie off of Amazon. (We may or may not have it’s sibling in our living room. It’s fine.)

I mean, sometimes you just gotta FLY, y’know what I’m saying?

Have you been to Flying Panda before?  What’s your favorite way to get your jump on?

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Flying Panda trampoline park in Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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Flying Panda: Port Saint Lucie’s Trampoline Park

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