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Lunchbox Note Ideas for Littles

The Lunchtime Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever brainstormed lunchbox note ideas? …because, up until a week ago, I most certainly had not. 

They’re the equivalent of a daily Valentine to your child.  Truly.  They’re the cutest little love notes – with the cutest little pictures from you to your baby – tucked inside the child’s lunchbox.

That’s it.

Listen, my daughter is in first grade now – so, we’ve got a solid 3 years of school lunches under our belt, but I still didn’t know these were a thing. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have written her notes in her lunches.  I have told her, in beautiful ink even, that I love her – or that I’m thinking about her. I have reminded her of fun playdates after school or silly jokes that we read on her ice pop sticks.

But I have never included full, colored, PRINT-OUT notes in her lunchbox.  I just never even considered such a thing, because I didn’t know they existed!

NOW, Imagine my little one getting funny lunch box notes each and every day! Her joy will be contagious!

By the way, these are the only lunchboxes we use. We will never get enough of them, because they make packing lunches so darn easy.

Bentgo Box lunchbox with unicorns

Yet, while recently stumbling around the internet, I found gobs of these encouraging lunch box notes available for free – and I immediately knew they needed to be shared.

We are so lucky, my friends!   These printables are AMAZING – AND they require nearly minimal effort from you.

The list below includes bunches upon bunches of TOTALLY FREE lunchbox note ideas ready to be  printed, cut-out, and quickly placed in your child’s lunch bag.

Each lunchbox note will provide such fun variety (and a cute pop of color!) and your kids will be so happy that you were thinking of them!  #totalwin

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I had so much fun putting this list together, because I know these lunch note PDFs are ones that we can use in our home – and that my kids will absolutely LOVE! 

SO!  Be sure you save this, pin this, share this – DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO –  BECAUSE with funny lunch box notes and encouraging lunch box notes and first day of school lunch box notes I am confident you will be coming back to this list time and time again!

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Lunchbox Notes:  The Ultimate Lunchtime Accessory

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Lunchbox Note Ideas for Littles

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  1. Talya | 14th Aug 19

    This is such a sweet idea! I’ll this in put in my back pocket for when our daughter switches over to packed lunches.

    • The Merry Kate | 14th Aug 19

      Yes! I love that, Talya! I knew my kids would love these little notes. My son is only 3, so we have been using free cupcake toppers for him. #protip!

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