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How To Support a New Blog Without Paying a Cent

Sharing is Caring, Ya’ll

So, your pal started a blog – and now they’re posting all the time and you have absolutely no idea how best to show your support without doling out tons of cash.

Never fear, I am here to help!

I have had many friends start businesses from home and, I just don’t always have spare money to spend on their products or monthly memberships.  (No matter how much I genuinely like what they’re offering!)

Listen, I fully support the mompreneur-lifestyle – and there are tons of paths to get you there: MLMs, direct sales, work-from-home jobs, boutiques, and blogs!  Not all of them appeal to me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to support my friends’ efforts!

I desperately want to show them I am cheering them ON in every way that I can – ESPECIALLY if I can do that without spending a cent!

Read the Blog

So, this might seem obvious – but actually reading the blog post your friend writes is the first step in helping your friends with a blog

A LOT of time goes into those posts, and they would love their words to be seen (and read).

In fact, did you know that a major goal of HAVING a blog is simply to reach a wider audience?  Obviously, this means helping more readers who share a common problem – but it also means being able to monetize your blog (aka earning money for having people read your stuff)!

When you spend time reading your friend’s blog posts, Google sees the minutes spent on the page.  It logs the time and says, “Oh!  This post must have something good to say, since readers are spending their time reading the content.”

and all you had to do was read the post.  Easy, right?

(Is it super ironic to read a post about reading a post?  Like – you’re already WINNING the GAME if you’ve gotten this far.  #goyou)

Just read the blog.  Each time you see a new post and have a few minutes to spare – click on the link.  Read the post.  And, boom.  You’re already helping your friend.

Like Us on Facebook!

This is the easiest recommendation I have to offer.  And, you know what – it goes beyond blog (or business) posts, as well. 


Because it takes you .03 seconds.

ANY TIME you see your friend share something that is important to them, would you please just LIKE it?

Facebook sees that you liked what was shared and then shares it with other friends.  In turn, that important picture gets even more likes – and your pal’s heart is happy. 

Look how awesome you are.  All for something that took .03 seconds.

  • You’re helping out blogging ladies. 
  • You’re loving your Grandma’s garden.
  • You’re liking every Bible verse shared by the church gals.

You are making the online world a better place, you are.

It is, however, worth noting that not all reactions are created equally.  If you can LOVE a post instead of simply LIKING it, that content will get some extra bonus mileage.  The Facebook algorithm reads the “other” reactions (besides LIKE) as having more weight, and thus, they cause content to be shared more often.

…and also, the time you’ve spent responding to these posts serve an additional purpose, as well.  When you like (or love!) a post, it helps the post to get seen by more people!

Remember:  the ultimate goal of a blog (or any business) is to reach a wider audience.  So, the more people who see the post, the better it is for the blog itself.

SO, please continue to like and love those posts!  The blog writers see you every single time you react.  They know what you’re doing and, boy, do they appreciate your consistent help!

(Oh, ahem: find me here.)

Leave a Note

Do you know what’s even better than a LIKE or a LOVE on Facebook?  A comment!  The minds behind Facebook will share the posts that have COMMENTS on them even MORE than they share those with reactions.

…and you can get a double-whammy by making a quick comment on Facebook and then cut-copy-and-pasting that same comment over on the blog! 

Showing the world that you have something to SAY about the blog is so helpful.  The time you spend on a comment demonstrates your interest to other readers AND to the blogger. 

Google and Facebook will love to hear your thoughts about the blog – and so will your friend who is doing all the writing.  Trust me.   (Oh, and if I am the pal you’re reading about right now.  I cannot WAIT to read your comments.  F’real.)

Go Ahead and Share This Bad Boy

This one will, eventually, come as second nature to the readers of any blog.  We automatically share GREAT content with our friends and family when it connects back to them. 

For example, my mom loves hedgehogs.  (Loves ‘em.)  So, any time I see something about a hedgehog – I send it to her.  Absolute no brainer.

However, it can be a little uncomfortable to be the first to share something when it’s new.  If a blog is already popular and well-known, it’s easy to join the masses and share it with a friend.  But when a blog is small and unknown, it can be hard to stand alone when sharing the content.

So!  Think about each blog post as you read it.  (Because, remember, you ARE going to read the posts, right?)

If someone pops right into mind, send them the article! 

Sharing is totally caring, lady.

Also, that SHARE button on Facebook – totally works wonders, I’m just saying.

Pin It!

Do you have Pinterest?  If so, you could be a HUGE help to your friends who blog!

When I started writing www.themerrykate.com, I had no idea the role Pinterest would soon play in my daily life. 

I have been a big Pinterest fan for several years – pinning the ultimate home makeover plans and birthday party ideas for my littles.  But, I had no clue the reach I could have with an audience for a blog!

Pinterest serves as the number ONE visual search engine (with a human component) out there!  When folks head to Pinterest, they are seeking answers to a question.

For that reason, blog owners use Pinterest in order to answer those questions.

…but to let people know about those answers, it’s important to constantly be pinning about the blog posts!

So, I ask again:  Do you use Pinterest?

If the answer is, “Yes!” – A super helpful thing you can do is to PIN one of the vertical images throughout your friend’s blog posts.

Most blog writers will have a few Pinterest-worthy images ready-to-go for you.

(I, for one, will always include my Pinterest Pins near the bottom of the post!)

Pro-Tip: Make sure to pin the content to a relevant board.  IE – it would be better to pin something from a post about EXERCISE to a board all about WORKING OUT instead of a board called MOM GOALS.  Pinterest will have a better idea of understanding what the post is about if the board can help teach it.  Make sense? 

You’re the best.

Link to the Blog!

Ooo this one is absolute GOLD if you can help make it happen!

Do you run a webpage where you could share a direct link back to your friend’s blog?

Linking back to their blog is called a, wait for it……backlink!

…and it is crazy helpful when it comes to ranking on Google.

  • Perhaps you could write a little something on your webpage about what your friend is up to with the release of their new blog. 
  • Or maybe you could do a quick interview about a recent blog post that relates back to the content of your webpage. 
  • Or you could even ask your friend to host a guest post on your webpage where you provide a backlink back to their blog for sharing their thoughts.

In any of these instances, the blurb might read like this, “Kate from www.themerrykate.com believes that children should be reading 20 minutes a day – even during the summer!” or something that aligns with an evergreen post on your friend’s blog.  (An evergreen post is just one that is good YEAR-ROUND!)

No doubt about it, this would be the ultimate assistance to the new blogger!

Join the Family

Did your blogging/business friend start a Facebook group page?  If so, join it right now!

(You can join our page for The Merry Kate!)

This will be the most direct line to the business side of your pal’s new endeavor.  They will LOVE to have your support right at the frontlines, and, of course, the more people in the group, the better it will look to a wider audience.  (Always remember the goal.)

In our case, The Merry Kate’s group is all about sharing deals that would fit readers like….me!  After all, that’s the niche I’m writing for.  So, I have a group page specifically to share the promos and sale prices that are available to me via affiliate links. 

This also gives me direct access to my readers.  We can connect daily – and I can get ideas for what they might like to see on the blog. 

Winning, winning – all around.

See if your favorite blogger has a group, and get your tushy in there!  Or, you know:  Join US.

Get on the Mailing List

For many bloggers, the mailing list is the BEST resource.  They want to have their readers all available to them in one space, so please add yourself when you see the opportunity!

Your blogging pal should give you a heads-up as to how many times they’ll send out e-mails each month, but you should plan for about once a week-ish.

From here, you might receive a newsletter with highlights of the past seven days – or maybe a chance to look ahead at what’s coming up!   Your blogger might share a new program they’re offering or something going on in your town.

It totally depends on what their focus is, of course.  But no matter what, you can support them by being present on the list.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy – amiright?

(We DO have a Merry Kate mailing list available.  You can sign up AND snag a 30-Days of Happy Challenge.  Just know that I’m keeping our list on the back burner for now and am not sold that it’ll be a major resource for our crew.  Instead, I’d love to see your names in the FB group!)

Wrapping It UP

In the end, supporting your pal’s new business venture is all about showing them you see what they’re up to – and that you cheerfully acknowledge their efforts. 

Every “like”, every comment, every share, every pin, every join – every everything is important. 

We are so very aware of the people who are cheering us on – and the names that keep popping up on social media for reading and liking and sharing our posts.  We appreciate you.

And if you just weren’t sure how to help – or what we were up to:  here’s the 411. 

You can do this. 

And now that you know how to support your friends’ blogs – without spending a cent, let’s get those virtual high-fives flying, k?!

Join us on Pinterest for more thoughts and ideas about being a Blogging Mommy!

Support a New Blog without spending any money

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How To Support a New Blog Without Paying a Cent

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