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The Best Worship Songs for Kids

Are you looking for the best worship songs for kids?  Are you trying to help your child learn how to praise and worship God?  Well, I just might be able to help (a little)!

This year, I have a super huge honor of being the worship leader for our GEMS group at church.  GEMS is designed to teach young ladies in 1st through 8th grade that they are LOVED by God; that they are worthy and important and and perfect just the way they are.

When I said, “Yes!” to the position, I had absolutely no clue what I was taking on.  I have never led anyone in worship before!  But here we are – ready to kick off the start of GEMS and I am so ready to sing some praise with this fantastic group of girls.

So, what are the best worship songs for kids?

Of course that depends on the person you ask, but for our purposes, we honed in on 8 rockin’ songs that our ladies could quickly learn and love.  Some of the songs are upbeat with creative movement and the others are slow-paced for the girls to focus on the lyrics. If you want a quick start, Amazon has a few worship CDs for kids ready to go!

No matter what, these songs are meant to reach the hearts of our kids and to give them another way to call out to God. 

“Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music.”Martin Luther

The Best Worship Songs for Kids:  Our List

Live Like You’re Loved | Hawk Nelson

This is the official song of GEMS for the 2019-2020 year.  We will sing this one at most of our meetings together to stay focused on our big theme.

Planning The Best Worship Songs for Kids in Your Group

Ask the kids that you’re working with if they have any favorite worship songs!  They may surprise you and be able to fill out your entire list right away.  But even one or two fan-favorites would be a great way to get started with your group.

Our girls loved Never Gonna Stop Singing last year, so that was an easy choice to bring onboard again.  They know the lyrics and are already familiar with the creative movement piece.  The older members can help the newbies join in with excitement!

After that, I knew I wanted to keep the list short.  We have plenty of meetings throughout the year, but I think it’s important that the girls get a chance to really feel familiar with the music.  Have you ever been expected to sing along to a song you don’t know?  It’s so uncomfortable!  And, as someone who loves music, I always want to be able to belt a song out with gusto!

Sticking with only 8 songs will give our girls the opportunity to gain confidence with the lyrics and the melody, so they can sing out with purpose.  However many songs you choose, be sure it’s a number where each song will be used consistently throughout the year.  My plan is to start with 2 songs this week and add in a new song for the next meeting.  This will guarantee the ladies are familiar with most of what we’re singing, but also give us room to add in a new tune!

Just Start

Truth is, if you are helping kids to worship and praise, you’re already doing it right!  By putting yourself out there, you are brave and totally awesome.  You can do this!

So, just get started already! 

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The Best Worship Songs for Kids

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