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The Must-Have Ornaments for Your Family Tree

Do you have any favorite ornaments on your Christmas tree?  There’s a great history to ornaments and why we use them today! Maybe you hide the Christmas pickle or have a memento for every time a child was born.  In our family, we try to pick up a special ornament each year – sometimes, the ornaments are made in the classroom or with friends, but other times we can find the perfect addition right on Amazon!

Finding the Perfect Ornaments for Your Tree

Ornaments by Family Member

The easiest way to add to your ornament collection is to focus on each family member for who they are!  There are options that include a character for every person (like 4 penguins, 5 bears, etc.)  Several of these choices allow you to personalize the ornament with every member of the family’s name!

Pop Culture Christmas Ornaments

Of course, there are always ornaments to celebrate what is happening in the world!  Consider your family’s favorite movie or something special about the year you’re in.  Some of our favorite family ornaments include silly TV show characters like Elmo or Blaze and the Monster Machines.


How do the people in your family spend their time?  Is your spouse an IT guy (like mine – ha!)?  You could use a computer ornament for them!  What about the special interests of your children?  There are dozens of options available for the hobbies and occupations that are important to your family.

Other Silly Ornament Options:

…and, if all else fails, you can always grab a silly ornament that makes you giggle! 

All of these ornament examples are just a smattering of what’s out there.  Think about what’s important in your world – and use those to decorate your tree:  year-after-year. 

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The Must-Have ornaments for your family tree

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The Must-Have Ornaments for Your Family Tree

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